Friends Of FOFA

Mexico Lindo |
Mexico Lindo imports fine Mexican arts and crafts, and is especially well-known for exceptional carved and intricately painted woodcarvings from Oaxaca and brilliantly colorful beaded masks, jewelry and yarn paintings by Huichol Indians.

Amate Books |
Oaxaca’s outstanding English bookstore right in the heart of Oaxaca City is owned by Henry Wangeman, a great supporter of FOFA’s work.

Museo Estatal de Arte Popular Oaxaca (MEAPO, or the Oaxaca State Museum of Popular Art) with whose Director, Carlomagno Pedro Martinez, and whose staff we closely collaborate on our projects.

La Vitrina |
The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York that sponsors and announces local Mexican cultural events, including those created by FOFA.

Visit Mexico |
This is the official website for the Mexico Tourism Board which has offices in many major US cities.

Planeta |
A major resource for information about ecotourism, created and maintained by Ron Mader, also provides information about local folk art and other cultural matters.

Mexico Art Show |
Each year selected folk artists – always a quorum from Oaxaca — are invited to participate in an outstanding folk art market held in November in Lake Chapala, Jalisco run by volunteers who offer these artists a great opportunity to sell their works.

Folk Art Market |
An annual international folk art market is hosted in Santa Fe, New Mexico in early July, offering artists from all over the world – who have applied to participate — the opportunity to sell their work.

Lila Downs |
Fantastic and deeply moving singer Lila Downs, who performs internationally, comes from Oaxaca and features traditional as well as contemporary ballads in her unforgettable live shows. Recently she dedicated a song performed in New York to FOFA, to show her respect for our work.

The Circle of Women |
A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the self-sufficiency of indigenous Mixteca women in Oaxaca, Mexico, primarily through three projects: microenterprise for weavers, health education and literacy.

Zarela |
This is a great source of information for lovers of Mexican food and culture, hosted by Zarela Martinez, restaurateur, chef, and author of The Food and Life of Oaxaca.

Los Amigos del Arte Popular Mexicano (Friends of Mexican Folk Art) is a non-profit membership organization comprised of collectors and aficionados of Mexican folk art.

Folk Art Fantasy |
Linda Hanna, a resident of Oaxaca and friend and supporter of many of Oaxaca’s most outstanding artesanos, offers outstanding folk art tours of the pueblos.

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Friends of FOFA