Arden Aibel Rothstein, PhD

(New York), President

Arden first fell in love with Oaxaca in 1961 – just before her 14th birthday – when she traveled there for the first of three summers to participate in a cultural program for American girls. This was a life-altering experience with many facets. Most important was getting to know folk artists and their families in the pueblos surrounding Oaxaca City. Decades later, Arden introduced her daughters and husband to this enchanted place, where they devoted the majority of their time to visiting artists in their pueblos and learning about their crafts.

This culminated in the creation of a guide to the region’s spectrum of folk arts – Mexican Folk Art from Oaxacan Artist Families—co-authored and co-photographed with Anya, Arden’s daughter, in 2002. An expanded second edition was published in 2007. The Rothstein family has hosted numerous artesanos in New York City, arranging demonstrations in schools and museums, and helping them market their work. The Rothsteins have a large personal collection of Oaxacan folk art that graces their home and professional offices. Arden is a clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine, and Training and Supervising Analyst at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Education affiliated with NYU School of Medicine.

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