Many members of the extensive family of Dolores Porras and her (late) husband, Alfredo Regino Ramírez — their nine living children and countless grandchildren — produce a wide spectrum of ceramic work. They are best known for their multi-color glazed planters, vases, candleholders and platters, each person developing his or her trademark design elements.


Dolores Porras and her (late) husband, Alfredo Regino Ramírez

Dolores Porras and her husband, Alfredo Regino Ramírez, innovated a two-step firing process that permitted the production of multiple colors, sometimes in swirls.  Plates could be boldly decorated with flowers, mermaids, human faces, iguanas, fish and birds, both painted and in relief.  Vases sported multiple faces or swirling rows of color. Until his death in 2002, Dolores and Alfredo had an intimate working relationship, in which she created the work and he fired and sold it. During her many productive years, Dolores created “muñecas” (female figures) and mermaids with “pastillaje” in both terra cotta and multi-tones, the vast majority of her pieces have not been figural.  Now no longer able to work, her son Rolando and his wife carry on her tradition in her home, where she still resides.


Aurelia Regino Porras (daughter of Dolores and Alfredo)

Aurelia Regino Porras creates excellent quality multi-color and terra cotta ceramics with a variety of decorative elements, often in combination: “pastillaje,” cut-outs and painted patterns.  A thoughtful, articulate woman, she is very exacting and methodical in her work, producing outstanding pieces of this type.  Her workshop is in her own home on the main road leading into Santa María Atzompa, and across the street from her brother Norberto and sister-in-law Rosy (below).  She and her husband, who, like her, also made green glazed pottery, have developed their own designs in multi-colored glazed ceramics.


Norberto Regino Porras and his wife Rosa Elena García López (son and daughter-in-law of Dolores and Alfredo)

Norberto and his wife, Rosa Elena García López (Rosy), live and work on the main road in Santa María Atzompa.  This handsome couple exudes an air of satisfaction and peace as they both carry on his mother’s tradition, while also adding personal elements.  Their attractive multi-colored casseroles, flower pots, vases and jugs are produced primarily for local consumption, given their practical nature and their heavy weight.  Some have elaborate cut-outs and others are engraved and then painted with bold or subtler flowers.  Norberto and Rosy each produce their own pieces, with the exception of the especially large jugs on which they collaborate.




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