The Leyva Family (Oaxaca City)

Alfonso Santiago Leyva

Alfonso, a colorful and philosophical man, is one of the foremost artists in “hoja de lata.”. He was one of the first artists to decorate tin pieces with assorted colors. Alfonso produces a wide array of designs, although soldiers, candleabras and mirrors in the shape of stars are among those he considers most significant. Another is a type of mirror with filigree border that he introduced twenty years ago.


Víctor Rubén Hernández Leyva (nephew of Alfonso)

Víctor, whose dedication to his craft is clear, creates a variety of tin objects of excellent quality. Some of Victor’s specialties are elaborate tin boxes, made either in pure tin or with glass inlay and ornate mirrors. Víctor, his son Juan, and his wife’s brother, Miguel Montes, work in a small studio in Victor’s home in the Xochimilco section of the city of Oaxaca.


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The PBS Peabody award winning documentary series "Craft in America" filmed portions of two excellent programs in Oaxaca, one -- "Neighbors" -- partially in collaboration with FOFA. These programs explore connections through craft between Mexico and the United States.

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