Pedro Mendoza Ortega (Oaxaca City)

Pedro won honorable mention in the “Varios” category in FOFA’s 2008 young artists’ competition with his papier mâché piece entitled, “Towards the Countryside” that embodies an unlike juxtaposition of bulls and a fish. He comments that many people will ask themselves, “Why two bulls pulling a fish?” since the fish is an element totally foreign in the countryside.

To truly understand this piece, which fundamentally portrays three characters going to work, the viewer must draw upon his imagination to create and develop the story.

“Towards the Countryside” is made with cardboard, paste, newsprint, and yellow and purple acrylic paints, a combination that the artist finds agreeable to the eyes. Pedro began working in this medium by studying books.



He initially made piñatas, monos (figures worn over the head in processions), and calaveras (skeletons) for the Day of the Dead.


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