Guadalupe Orozco Torres and her husband, Alejandro Rojas Miguel, create outstanding weaving, assisted by. The process of weaving begins with buying crude cotton, which is washed to remove impurities.  It is then carded, spun into thread and placed on spools, to be used on large weaving looms; the cotton thread is subsequently dyed with chemical dyes. Although Guadalupe and all of her siblings grew up learning to card and spin cotton thread from an early age, she is the only one to perpetuate the family’s tradition. In the hilly Xochimilco section of the city of Oaxaca, a primarily residential area, a 10-15 minute walk from the center of town and beginning just across the Pan American Highway, the click clack of shuttle looms can be heard in a number of home workshops. The family produces handsome and durable cotton fabric from which table cloths and bedspreads of all sizes, table napkins, tortilla napkins, towels, and place mats are created.  This cloth can also be purchased by the yard to be used for curtains, upholstery and other home decorations. The Orozco family has a sizeable showroom of ready-made pieces, but special orders are welcomed.


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The PBS Peabody award winning documentary series "Craft in America" filmed portions of two excellent programs in Oaxaca, one -- "Neighbors" -- partially in collaboration with FOFA. These programs explore connections through craft between Mexico and the United States.

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Oaxacan Popular Arts in the New Millennium, Nurturing Young Artists

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