BULMARO PEREZ MENDOZA (Teotitlán del Valle)

Bulmaro is one of Teotitlán’s best weavers embodying a wonderful blend of devotion to the preservation of tradition with a forward-looking, enterprising spirit. Like the Vásquez family, Bulmaro and his family take great pride in their tradition of natural dyes and pure wool. While conserving the traditional approach, Bulmaro is simultaneously an innovator.  He has discovered a range of colors well suited to both the old and new patterns that he produced. His signature combination is greens, mustard, browns, turquoises and oranges. He has also created unique semi-abstract designs that he entitles “montañitas” (little mountains) and “símbolo de la lluvia” (symbol of the rain).  In 1998 he introduced a different fiber, mohair, that he believes to be considerably more enduring, lasting at least 80-90, and perhaps even 100, years depending upon the uses to which it is put.  Three generations of the family – Bulmaro’s wife, mother and grandmother — collaborate to process, card, spin and dye the wool. Dying is done using secrets for combining various tones that were taught to Bulmaro by his father.


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