Inocencio is the creator of several distinctive styles of carved and painted wooden pieces.  Each has a charming primitive quality.  He is best known for his “borrachos” (drunkards) often in the ironic form of angels, his human-like devils, and groups of human or “nahual” (human figures with animal faces) musicians.  In Inocencio’s pueblo it is believed that ordinary people can turn themselves into animals at night, particularly when there is a full moon. Many of Inocencio’s creations lend themselves to assemblages, such as four drunken angels or four devils seated on chairs around a table (the table and chairs are separate pieces), or skeleton dancing partners.  Another is a band composed of four musicians in varied poses, a “marimba” (a popular Mexican instrument resembling a xylophone) and a drum set. Many of Inocencio’s figures have articulated joints, one of his signature features.  He prides himself most on his jointed devils, his ultimate specialty.



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