In recent years the Oaxaca restaurant scene has considerably and continues to become more sophisticated. The big meal is ‘comida,’ usually eaten between 1 and 3 pm. Dinner is usually lighter, consisting of snacks in the zocalo. Restaurants in Oaxaca do, however, cater to American sensibilities, serving dinner. This is particularly true of restaurants in hotels. Keep in mind that a number of restaurants are still ‘cash only’.

Casa Oaxaca El Restaurante
(Constitución 104)

Upscale Oaxacan cuisine interpreted by renowned chef Alejandro Ruiz Olmedo and served in a simple and elegant setting with attentive service. Fresh fish and seafood from the coast, Chiles en Nogada, roast duck tacos with mole and delicious cocktails.

Tel. 516-8531








El Teatro Culinario
(Crespo 415)


Modern, contemporary, unique and re-invented Oaxacan cuisine by Chef Jose Luis Diaz.
Tel. 514-1102













(Belisario Dominguez 513)
This small, local eatery specializes in dishes utilizing heirloom varieties of corn. Delicious and perfect for late almuerzo or lunch.

Closed for dinner.

Tel. 513-9223










La Teca
(Violetas 200-A)
Cooking from the Ithsumus of Tehuantepec, no menu and made in the proprietor’s home kitchen.
Tel. 515-0563













Los Danzantes
(Macedonio Alcalá 403-4)

A pretty indoor/outdoor setting with unique Oaxacan fusion food, and we like it for its total gestalt. Try the roast vegetable salad and duck enchiladas in pipian sauce as well as their own excellent mescal, Los Danzantes. In the alley you must enter to go to Los Danzantes, you pass a fabulous textile store (Los Baules).

We recommend that you pour over the many regional huipiles and rebozos that are among the treasures here.

Tel. 501-1184

La Olla
(Reforma 402)
Excellent traditional food and homey atmosphere.
Tel. 516-5704

Hostería de Alcalá
(Alcalá at M. Bravo)
Good traditional food for lunch and dinner—also a great place to have a drink while taking a break as you walk around town since it is open from morning to night

La Biznaga (García Vigil 512)
Outdoor setting with fabulous veggie dishes, fresh coconut flan with butterscotch-mezcal sauce Tel. 516-1800

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