FOFA Celebrates 10 Years!

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FOFA Artists in Oaxaca Organize Their Own Exhibition

photo credits: Joyce Grossbard
Sixteen young artists who participated in a recent FOFA workshop on Oaxacan art history and culture recently organized their own exhibit, which opened at the Museo Estatal de Arte Popular de Oaxaca, MEAPO, on October 28th. The exhibition deals with the mythical Journey to Mictlán, and will run until mid-January.
Exhibition poster
According to the beliefs of the ancient Mexica, the souls of deceased people made a long journey in which they had to overcome nine obstacles in order to arrive at the guardians of the Underworld, Mictlantecutli and Mictlancihua, who would send the souls to eternal rest in one of the four houses of the underworld.
Ceramic by Fernando Peguero
Dried Flower tableau by Laura Raymundo Sanchez
Weaving by Mario Porfirio González Pérez

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