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The Mateo Family

  • Macrina Mateo Martínez & Alberta Sánchez Mateo

Carlos Vianney Cruz Ortiz

The Mateo Family


Macrina Mateo Martínez & Alberta Sánchez Mateo

Pueblo of San Marcos Tlapazola
Matamoros #18

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Niece and aunt, Macrina and Alberta carry on the tradition of utilitarian burnished terracotta pottery that has existed in their family and community for many centuries. In their traditional farming pueblo, they have drawn upon pre-Colombian methods, while also introducing new forms and improved quality. Alberta and Macrina create pots for cooking, large bowls, platters for cooking tortillas, cups and saucers, plates and other items. Flecks of mica in these red-toned pieces give the lovely appearance of gold.

Carlos Vianney Cruz Ortiz
[Honorable mention, FOFA’S 2016 contest]

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Pueblo of Santo Domingo Yanhuitlán (two hours outside of Oaxaca City)
Carretera Internacional s/n

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Carlos’s sculpture revives the legacy of ancient vessels that were made in his village in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. This ceramic art is now lost to its current inhabitants, but Carlos ties the past to the present by painting the ancient iconography unique to his village on the pots with engobes made from the community’s soil. The crouched central human figure gaze’s is pensive, as he analyzes both the vessels and the world that surrounds him, dreaming of what can be. Carlos began sculpting animals when he was ten. His dream is to reinvigorate his people’s clay art through sculpture, thereby inspiring the next generation.