There are many ways to get involved, help a good cause, and have a rewarding experience. FOFA is an all-volunteer organization that welcomes assistance in areas such as graphic design, teaching, translation, photography, art, administration, research, fundraising and event planning.

There is always something you can do to be an ambassador for our organization’s mission of preserving and promoting Oaxacan folk art and the livelihood of artists who create it. 

HEre are some ways to help out:

Undertake a fundraiser or collection: Are your friends and neighbors discarding older digital cameras, paint supplies, woodcarving tools, magnifiers or other useful items? Our artists can use these in Oaxaca! Talk to us.

Travel with purpose: 1) If you plan to spend several months in Oaxaca, consider teaching an English class or meeting weekly with an individual folk artist to enhance his/her English. 2) Should you wish to donate supplies or help us transport items for our projects, let’s be in touch. 3) Bring back folk art and host a sale in your community.

Help us get the word out: Forward our e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, and event invitations to your friends and help us expand our reach.